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Workshops - Monday, October 13

SAVE TIME! Print your workshop handouts before you come to Nashville.

Please note: Some presenters have opted not to provide handouts this year in support of environmental/conservation efforts.

7:30 - 8:30 a.m.

Common Sense Embalming Tips and Techniques
Wallace P. Hooker, Family and Friends Funeral Home Inc., Wingate, IN

You’ve asked for workshops on back- to-the-basics embalming. In Nashville, in-demand embalmer and funeral home owner Wally Hooker will share skillful, proven embalming tips and techniques in a lively presentation that will be of value to embalmers at every proficiency level. You will learn a wide variety of recognized best practice procedures for dealing with typical cases, as well as with donor and restorative cases and more. Or you may just find yourself rethinking your standard embalming procedures for better results and increased family satisfaction. Confidence in your embalming expertise will increase – guaranteed! Approved for 1 CE hour by APFSP and licensing boards in most states and provinces.

7:30 - 9:30 a.m.

How Green Practices Benefit Your Business
Carol Lynn Green, Law Offices of Carol Lynn Green, Bethesda, MD; Robert J. Prout, Prout Funeral Home, Verona, NJ

Get inspired by their dialogue as Bob Prout, owner of the first funeral home in the United States to earn the NFDA Green Funeral Practices™ Certificate, and NFDA EPA Counsel Carol Green cover everything a funeral director needs to know to integrate green practices in the funeral home and communicate and market the program to the community. Enjoy the benefits of being green (or greener)! Prout will provide specifics on how he implemented significant cost-saving green practices in his funeral home and share the positive impact in his market. Green will compare sustainable practices to EPA compliance and provide guidelines for funeral homes to avoid “green washing.” Approved for up to 2 CE hours by APFSP and licensing boards in most states and provinces.

Building Your Brand: How to Distinguish Your Funeral Home From the Competition
Georganne Bender and Rich Kizer, Kizer & Bender Speaking! St. Charles, IL

You know your brand is your image – the mental picture that flashes every time customers and potential clients see or hear your name. It’s also what customers feel when they think about your funeral home. Today’s consumers no longer choose a business based just on what it “sells” – they choose based on an emotional connection. Discover ways to identify how your funeral home is currently perceived, learn how to create a unique brand filter for your business and start creating loyal customers who will recommend your funeral home to others. Marketing experts Kizer and Bender, nationally known for their sound research and unique insights, will show you how to create top-of-mind brand awareness. Approved for up to 2 CE hours by APFSP and licensing boards in most states and provinces.

Protecting Your Personal Assets and Your Business

William B. McQueen, LFD, JD, CPA, LLM, McQueen & Siddall LLP, St. Petersburg, FL

We as funeral directors often spend all of our time on “becoming more profitable.” But those who have earned some wealth after decades of hard work need to spend as much time and energy protecting their wealth in an increasingly onerous landscape of regulation, taxes and liability. Understand the difference between traditional estate planning and the defensive planning your family needs during your lifetime. A variety of issues vital to ensuring you can keep and pass on your hard-earned wealth to your loved ones will be discussed, as well as a game plan to survive the most common exposure every American business faces, a primer on good corporate and personal legal structures and much more. Approved for up to 2 CE hours by APFSP and licensing boards in most states and provinces.

Panel Presentation: The Benefits of Diversity for Your Business
Moderator: Edward J. Defort, NFDA. Panelists: John C. Carmon, CFSP, Carmon Community Funeral Homes, Avon, CT; Stephen R. Kemp, CFSP, Haley Funeral Directors, Southfield, MI; Steve Trevino, Ponderosa Valley Funeral Services, Parker, CO; Erin Christie Whitaker, CFSP, CPC, Whitaker Funeral Home Inc., Newberry, SC

Your world is changing, evolving and diversifying. It’s a business challenge of the first order – not just a “people issue” about the perspectives and identities that different people bring to your community and your business. It’s about meeting the challenge of serving a diverse clientele as a growth opportunity. We need to become more creative and we have much to learn from each other! Join a diverse panel of funeral directors from around the country who will discuss ways to acknowledge, understand, accept, value and celebrate differences to build our businesses. Let’s open a continuing dialogue about differences to benefit from the significant opportunities that diversity can bring to funeral service. Approved for up to 2 CE hours by APFSP and licensing boards in most states and provinces.