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Workshops - Tuesday, October 14

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Please note: Some presenters have opted not to provide handouts this year in support of environmental/conservation efforts.

New this year! “Think Pink” Day for Breast Cancer Awareness – Tuesday is Breast Cancer Awareness Day at the 2014 NFDA International Convention & Expo!  Get your pink badge ribbon and wear pink to show your support! A variety of items that support breast cancer research are available in NFDA Central. Stop by the Expo hall to learn more about "Hope," the refurbished pink ambulance on display!

7:30 – 9 a.m.

Personality and Leadership: Understanding Yourself and Your Employees
William Ford, SESCO Management Consultants, Bristol, TN

Effective leaders know they must understand their own leadership
style and behavioral tendencies and just how their style may affect others. Truly superior leaders recognize the importance of assessing employee behavior as well in order to productively assign work, direct tasks and create efficient, effective teams. There are many personality profiling systems for employers. In this hands-on, valuable and fun session, you’ll complete one of these assessments, the DiSC Personal Profile – a simple, self-scoring instrument that will assess your leadership style.
Learn how to harness your unique skills to improve workplace dynamics, predict future performance and create a forward-looking organization. Approved for up to 1.5 CE hours by APFSP and licensing boards in most states and provinces.

7:30 – 8:30 a.m.

Google-licious: More Than Just a Search Engine
James Spellos, CMP, Meeting U, Bayside, NY

Millions of people use Google daily to find out about almost anything. It is the most utilized search engine on the Internet (or the planet!). However, Google has dozens of advanced capabilities of which most people aren’t even aware. With billions of information-rich websites (a number that’s growing daily), it’s vital for every business to understand and strategically use the array of tools available. This energizing session will help you understand the five critical techniques for effective Web searching, identify 10 Google tools beyond the standard search box, recognize how and why your results are returned and explain why Google social media are simply critical to the success of your funeral business. Approved for 1 CE hour by APFSP and licensing boards in most states and provinces.

8:30 – 9:30 a.m.

Beyond Time Management: How to Get Twice the Work Done in Half the Time!
Ron Rosenberg, Quality Talk Inc., Wake Forest, NC

What if you could double your productivity? Whether you run a small, family-owned funeral home or operate multiple rooftops, you’ll learn seven proven strategies for focusing on  what you do best – and for eliminating, automating or outsourcing everything else! In this all-new session, discover the dirty little secret about schedules and to-do lists. Learn strategies for managing phone calls, email and other distractions that will free up an hour each day and how to identify your greatest time challenges in order to take your personal productivity from adequate to exceptional. Bonus: Find out the secret weapon that will help you hire the best talent every time. Approved for 1 CE hour by APFSP and licensing boards in most states and provinces.

“Talkin’ ’Bout My Generation”: Four Generations in the Funeral Home
Lacy Robinson, CFSP, Aurora Casket Company, Aurora, IN

From this consultative approach to working side by side with employees of all four generations in the funeral home, you will learn how to build on the strengths and talents of each generation as a group. Discover the core values and characteristics of the traditionalists, boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials with whom you work every day in order to learn ways to engage and inspire each team member. Eleven points of conflict among the generations will be identified and you’ll find out how conflicts can be resolved to mentor and motivate employees to increase the success of your firm.
Helpful for professionals at every level. Approved for 1 CE hour by APFSP and licensing boards in most states and provinces.

Hospice and Funeral Service: From One Set of Caring Arms to Another
Douglas Wagemann, Cochrane & Wagemann, Funeral Directors, Roseville, CA

Join licensed funeral director and National Hospice and Palliative Care Foundation board member Douglas Wagemann for an enlightening session that will increase your understanding of the purpose and goals of hospice and how working together locally can benefit the families both professions serve. Examine some of the myths hospice has about funeral service – and about what you do – and reexamine some of the common myths funeral service has about hospice. Get answers to your hospice questions from a funeral director who completely understands the caring and professional role you play, as well as hospice and its requirements and compassionate practices.

11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

Forensic Anthropology in the Identification of Human Remains
Dr. William M. Bass, Bone Zones, Strawberry Plains, TN

Forensic anthropology is the examination of human skeletal remains for law enforcement agencies to determine the identity of individuals who are burned or decayed beyond the possibility of using normal identification means. Bass, University of Tennessee Knoxville professor emeritus, will discuss types of information that can be learned from skeletal remains, such as length of time since death, age, gender, race and stature. Such phenomena as anatomical changes that occur with death, along with age changes in the skeleton as an individual matures, will be addressed. Bass opened the outdoor field laboratory at the University of Tennessee Knoxville in 1980; the lab continues to provide an ideal setting to scientifically document postmortem changes. Approved for 1 CE hour by APFSP and licensing boards in most states and provinces.

Getting to the Heart of Customer Satisfaction
Ron Rosenberg, Quality Talk Inc., Wake Forest, NC

We live in a dynamic economic climate that is more competitive than ever, making it extremely difficult to add new families and even tougher to maintain the loyalty of the families your funeral home currently serves. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In this highly interactive session, you’ll learn three guaranteed strategies for building trust and instant rapport with prospective clients and how to ensure that current families use your services again when the need arises. It’s the long-term value of a family that is most important to the bottom line. Transform your business through 12 proven methods that enhance customer loyalty and increase retention. Approved for 1 CE hour by APFSP and licensing boards in most states and provinces.

The Social Tsunami: How to Drink From the Information Fire Hose Using a Straw
James Spellos, CMP, Meeting U, Bayside, NY

Are you more and more overwhelmed with information? Unable to keep up with the tidal wave that comes from so many different tech resources? Take control of the social tsunami by learning about ways to manage the information wave – through curation. Social and mobile curation tools can manage the constant information flow into your computer, tablet or smartphone. They are critical time savers and information managers every funeral director needs. Media expert Spellos will identify more than 10 curation tools to help you manage and publish information, including tablet-specific tools for delivering customized content to your iPad or other mobile devices. Spellos will “stand by” to answer all
of your questions! Approved for 1 CE hour by APFSP
and licensing boards in most states and provinces.

Choosing Growth Strategies That Work for Your Business
Douglas R. Gober, Live Oak Bank, Wilmington, NC

It’s no secret that small operators are facing tougher times. Margins are thinner, competition is stronger
and state regulatory protections are under attack. There are ways out of this minefield. One of the best ways is to stop being a small operator! Implement proven growth strategies that are working for other funeral homes to take your business to a level where the worst challenges just no longer apply to you. Marketing expert Gober will discuss the pros and cons of the top growth strategies and share ways for you to evaluate the options in order to pinpoint what will do the most for your funeral business. Approved for 1 CE hour by APFSP and licensing boards in most states and provinces.

Transforming Your Business One Funeral at a Time!
Michael Schoedinger, CFSP, CPC, Schoedinger Funeral and Cremation Service, Columbus, OH

You’ve maybe heard about the sign in front of a lot of funeral homes: “Slowly but surely going out of business.” Most owners think the sign only applies to the other guy. But an honest self-analysis may reveal the sign in your own front yard. Schoedinger shares his organization’s journey of discovery and the difficult steps taken by his firm to tear down that sign, which included defining a new value paradigm, shifting a 150-year-old culture and boldly addressing some issues that had
to be resolved before anything else. Take away real solutions for getting “unstuck” so that you can also make the shift to become a viable business for the next generation. Approved for 1 CE hour by APFSP and licensing boards in most states and provinces.

12:30 – 2 p.m.

Crematory Fire Hazards and More: Liability Protection for Your Funeral Home
Pete Kalan, Field Services Training and Support Manager, Federated Insurance, Owatonna, MN; Michael Nicodemus, NFDA

Is your funeral home or crematory one cremation away from becoming uninsured? The U.S. cremation rate has nearly doubled and the FTC reports that cremation procedures “are the largest source of risk exposure and liability in the funeral industry.” In this highly interactive session, Federated’s Kalan and NFDA cremation expert Nicodemus will raise your liability awareness whether you own a crematory or not. Understand management risk, operations safety and how to avoid costly fires. Learn steps to prevent incidents from occurring, including the proper use and maintenance of equipment, correct procedures and employee education. Here is your wide-open opportunity to ask all of your crematory operation questions. Approved for 1.5 CE hours by APFSP and licensing boards in most states and provinces.

Best Practice Guidelines for Cooperation Between Tissue Banks and Funeral Homes
George McCann, M.D., President and CEO, Life Alaska Donor Service, Anchorage, AK, and member, American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB); John H. Fitch Jr., NFDA Senior Vice President, Advocacy

The updated “Best Practices for Cooperation Among Tissue Banks and Funeral Service Professionals” was released in March 2014. It contains important changes to improve the working relationship between donation professionals and funeral directors and very strongly emphasizes communication between the recovery agency and the donor family, as well as between the funeral director and the family. AATB’s McCann and NFDA’s Fitch will share how the guidelines can improve working relationships and better serve donor families that need to understand the donation and recovery process and the impact on the body. Here’s your opportunity to ask the experts so that your firm is more able to help the family plan a meaningful funeral. Approved for 1.5 CE hours by APFSP and licensing boards in most states and provinces.